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British Spreadable Salami - Chorizo & Extra Mild 'Nduja

Our Spreadable Salami is a favourite amongst those who aren't chilli fans, and anyone who loves a rich, meaty paté. Our British take on 'nduja tones down the chilli so that it's adding interest on the palate, but it's not overtly spicy. For a fiery cooking salami, our British... Read More

Spreadable salami - Extra Mild 'Nduja / 100g


Spreadable salami - Extra Mild 'Nduja / 200g


Spreadable salami - Extra Mild 'Nduja / 500g


The Bray Way

We love making nduja. It’s probably our favourite, and apart from that when tasted, always remembered’ feeling we first got at an Italian street food stall in Islington, the reason why comes down to two things. First, it’s a joy to make. It requires more fat than salami, so making nduja is key to using every part of a whole pig. We like that kind of thing at Bray Cured. Second, it’s just a fantastic cooking ingredient, working in complex dishes, but particularly useful because it elevates simple ones. Nduja butter for fish or steak, for example, spicy nduja added to a frozen pizza, or melted on an oyster, or just nduja sausage spread on toast.


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