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Join the Secret Curing Club

Every month we release a limited number of special cured meats. These are shared with our email friends before being listed for sale on our website. This is how we release the really special, the really unusual, and the really rare British cured meats we produce, so it’s well worth being in the know.

How does it work?

We have two kinds of Secret Curing Club offers, Pre-Orders and Pre-Cures. Here's what we mean by those:

  • Pre-Orders are interesting products which are ready for release, that we first offer to the Secret Curing Club list. You'll pay the same price as visitors to the site, and receive delivery straight away, but you get earlier access to the new product than other site visitors, so you can get your hands on our short run specials before they run out.
  • Pre-Cures are plans for new products which go on sale as Pre-Cures as soon as they go into production. These items will be special, with long ageing periods, and they'll usually be entire joints, like whole hams or salamis. With Pre-Cures, you can buy them early, well before they are ready for release, at a significantly better price than when they are ready for release.

Does it cost anything to join the Secret Curing Club?

No, it certainly doesn't. We created the Secret Curing Club for three reasons, all of which mean it should be free for you to join:

  • First, we love creating New British Charcuterie, and we wanted to give kindred curing spirits a reward for following our content and keeping connected to what we do. Curing is about sharing, whether that's sharing meat supplies cured to get through the winter, sharing great cured products, or sharing discoveries with friends.
  • Second, we wanted to give our friends, the people who really like what we do, the first chance to get every new product we produce. We make small quantities, so getting access to those is really valuable, and that's why we give it to the people who care enough to follow us.
  • Third, by pre-releasing products, especially our Pre-Cures when they are first conceptualised, we're able to produce greater amounts of product and experiment more. When you support us by buying our pre-releases, it helps us massively, so we'd never charge you to get access to the opportunity to do so.

How do I order from the Secret Curing Club?

At the moment, it works like this:

  • Sign up for the Secret Curing Club email list
  • We'll email you from time to time when we have a Pre-Order or a Pre-Cure ready to go.
  • You'll be able to access the offers directly from the email and buy online like you normally would.
  • Without the email, you can't access the offers, and that's what makes it the Secret Curing Club.
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