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Hogget prosciutto British air dried ham full leg
Hogget prosciutto British air dried ham close-up
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Hogget Prosciutto

Whole Air-Dried Lamb Leg

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Is there a better sight in cured meat than a whole hanging ham? I'm not sure there is. Here is an unusual twist on that icon, our air-dried hogget ham, made from a whole leg of rare breed Ryeland hogget. Hogget, lamb's grown up and more interesting cousin, makes a great ham product. Meaty, rich and deep, with flavoursome fat marbled around the dark meat.

Keep an eye out for any whole legs we offer, as they go fast. Fortunately the sliced version is delicious too.

Thinking of gifting?

All our products only need refrigeration once they're open, so your recipient doesn't need to open their parcel straight away as long as they keep it away from direct heat.

You see lamb leg hams cured as 'lamb violins' and the attraction is that something visually impressive, which can be left on the side to carve, passed around the table or hung in the kitchen, can be produced in more like 4-5 months (rather than a couple of years) and is a more realistic serving size for a family, party or holiday. Obviously, curing for 4-5 months rather than the longer duration you'd do for a pork ham will produce a less complex flavour. But what, we wondered, if we use Ryeland hogget rather than regular lamb? A more complex, flavoursome meat than lamb could produce really delicious when used this way.

Not sure how much to buy?

Per person, allow 50-60g for a board or 30g when adding to a salad or pasta.

Tasting notes
Shave off slivers of this fine ham to enjoy rich, gamey flavours, and the richness of fat, that will stand up to a range of accompaniments, as well as a range of weights of wine.
Wine match
The field for this is pretty open. You've got something meaty, salty and fatty, but also something you're eating as is, without further cooking (so we're assuming, but there is nothing stopping you wrapping chicken in this). Therefore, you can make an argument for a number of options. Could you eat it as a canape or starter with fizz? Yes you absolutely could, but probably something aged a bit (champagne, cava or British sparkling wine), rather than a fresh prosecco. Equally, a chardonnay with a bit of oak would work. Something like a malbec rose could be good, as would pinot noir. You could also go a sherry route, with tomatoes or olives matching the ham.
British Ryedale heritage hogget, Salt, Black pepper, Dextrose, White pepper, Preservatives (E251, E250)
Contains no allergens, but produced in a facility which processes nuts in the same space, on different production runs. Please consider this when making your selection to ensure the products are correct for you.
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