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Berkshire Rocket Pestle - Pesto
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Berkshire Rocket Pestle


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A perfect accompaniment to our Bresaola, our rocket pesto is made with local Berkshire cheese. Spread on a luxurious sandwich or spoon on any charcuterie board that features beef.

'Pestle' is our British pesto, taken, like the word pesto, from the pestle and mortar it was originally made in.

A 160g jar.

Great Taste Award-Winning

Judges' comments:

"We liked the intensity and bite of this English pesto, with all the ingredients really combining harmoniously. The aroma was wonderfully cheesy with a slight tang of garlic. It was a lot like eating a really flavourful rocket salad with lovely textural contrasts of creamy cheese along with the crunch and peppery bite from the nutty walnuts and rocket. Incredibly more-ish".

"There are plenty of lively aromas from the pesto. We loved the cheese element which added lots of tang and the rocket added some good bitter fresh notes. The walnuts added earthiness and some good textural body to the pesto. We would happily stir this through pasta!"

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Per person, allow 50-60g for a board or 30g when adding to a salad or pasta.

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