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Spreadable salami - Extra Mild 'Nduja
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Spreadable salami

Extra Mild 'Nduja

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With the texture of a pate, but the taste of a fine salami, our spreadable sausage will transform your cheese boards, lunches and sauces. Based on our 'nduja recipes, but with the heat turned down to make it the perfect twist on a coarse pate. Just spread it straight out of the pack, no cooking required. Or if you prefer, fry some off for a deliciously savoury treat.

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First tasted at a market stall outside Archway tube station after a Saturday football match. Never forgotten. For texture and taste, it's absolutely unique. It's also greatly enjoyable to produce 'nduja using every part of the pig, as its relatively high fat to meat ratio brings all cuts into play, permitting a use-every-part approach.

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Per person, allow 50-60g for a board or 30g when adding to a salad or pasta.

Tasting notes
Clean heat, the unique flavour of Calabrian chillies and porkyness. It's pure, hot and savoury. Whatever you put this in, the flavour is going to come through with a bang. Our 'nduja uses Calabrian chillies for a truer 'nduja flavour.
Wine match
Hmmm. Tricky. In the context of a wider dish, the 'nduja will be muted enough to put with a variety of wines, but on its own, perhaps spread on toast for example, it's all about handling the spice. Go to the curry and Thai havens of Riesling, Gewurztraminer or perhaps even a Bual Madeira.
British Middle White pork fat, British Middle White pork meat, Chilli paste, Red wine (Sulphites), Salt, Black pepper, Dextrose, White pepper, Thyme, Garlic, Preservatives (E251, E250).
Contains Sulphites Contains no allergens, but produced in a facility which processes nuts in the same space, on different production runs. Please consider this when making your selection to ensure the products are correct for you.


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