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Bray Cured Meateors
Bray Cured Meateors
Bray Cured Meateors
Bray Cured Meateors
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Bray Cured Meateors

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As if descended from the heavens, a little nugget of fine and unusual elements, it has landed on Earth, ready to transport your cooking to another galaxy.

Looking like half a little moon rock, we bring you the Bray Cured Meateor. It's meat, it looks like a meteor, it makes your meals meatier.

What's in a Meateor?

What has baffled scientists for centuries, we have easily deduced. Meateors are full of cured meat. The concentrated, delicious trimmings from broken slices and unsliced edges of our award-winning charcuterie, blended to create a fantastically savoury, protein-rich ingredient to elevate many, perhaps any, dish.

Whether you're carefully crafting a stuffing, or looking for something to lob on your dirty fries, a Meateor is the compelling, cured answer.

Really, what's in it?

To be specific, it's a blended mixture of pancetta, ham, coppa, lomo, bresaola and salami, featuring heritage breed beef, pork, hogget and venison. Together, they create a harmonious cured meat mix. It tastes like lovely salami.

How do I use it?

Fry it, stew it or braise it. It will basically break down when you cook it in liquid, lending protein, flavour and richness to a soup, sauce or stew. If you fry it, it will crumble, piling punch into omelettes, or making an exceptional topping for pizza, fries or salad. Or get really creative and start blending butters and mayos with it.

There's ~100g (a little over) in each Meateor, and they go quite a long way flavour-wise.



British pork, beef, hogget and venison, salt, wine (sulphites), herbs, spices, dextrose, culture, E250, E252. 

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