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Bray Cured visiting a local food market in Maidenhead

What we do

At Bray Cured we mix traditional artisan charcuterie production with new ways of doing things, to create our delicious range of charcuterie items. Every Bray Cured recipe begins in the tiny garden workshop, where we combine rare breed English meats with blends of quality spices and homegrown flavours. Once it’s been tested in the TGW, and refined into the best charcuterie we can create, the recipe goes into production.

Everything we create at Bray Cured is handcrafted. It’s a slow process, where the connection with the food is emphasised. Our relationship with every batch of artisan charcuterie we produce is special. From the selection of the meat, to the grinding, stuffing, curing and drying processes, we work really closely with each batch to make it as good as it can be.

Each batch is individual, requiring understanding and special attention to get the best out of a product which varies greatly, even depending on whether it’s raining outside, whether the weather is warmer or colder. And ultimately it’s about service, as if we were serving you the best charcuterie in our home. So much love goes into the product, and we want that product to give you a wonderful experience.


We make, you experience

How you feel when you taste our charcuterie is the reason why Bray Cured is in business. To make that experience perfect, when you browse our best charcuterie online, you’ll see as much info as we can give you about the product, including how it was made and how our version is a little bit different and special. We also give you tasting notes, and spend time testing (great hardship) wine and beer pairings for each product, as we want you to have all of the information you need to create great charcuterie experiences wherever you are.


When it's gone, it's gone

We take so much care over each batch of artisan cured meat, and we're constantly creating new cured meat delights, so we never build big stockpiles. Our products are here for a good time, not a long time, and when they’re gone, they stay gone for a while. They call it slow food for a reason! So, snap up your favourites quickly and savour every slice.


About Bray Cured

Bray Cured was founded in 2021, when we turned more than a decade of experience creating cured sausage and artisan deli meats into a proper business. For years, we’d been producing small batches of Great British charcuterie for family, friends and private requests, so to finally incorporate Bray Cured, with the aim of bringing new British charcuterie to more charcuterie lovers, was brilliant.

We’re a small, artisan producer. Everything we hand craft is made from the best ingredients we can source, and produced in tiny quantities, which are gone when they’re gone. It’s about passion for Great British charcuterie. We make artisan deli meats for the people who love them, people looking for something different and special. It’s the chance to make charcuterie lovers smile that gets us in the kitchen every day, putting our passion into every batch of every product.


What is charcuterie?

Charcuterie is magical. A combination of simple ingredients, with quality meats at the centre, with time and patience become something special. Bray Cured brings a new approach to the traditional, time-honoured practice of charcuterie making. Working in small batches, we are able to experiment in everything. Flavours, ingredients, textures, we tweak them all, releasing the very best for charcuterie lovers to enjoy.

Alex founded Bray Cured because, “calling myself a charcutier puts a smile on my face every day”.

“The business is powered by passion for the product,” Alex says. “We love to create new things, perfect them, and share them. That’s what it’s all for.”

It’s a family business too. With new recipes crafted in the family’s tiny garden workshop, Alex’s 3-year old son Arthur has appointed himself Factory Manager, 18-month old Auden is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic sausage tester, and their mum Katherine, an experienced manufacturing engineer, ensures that Bray Cured’s artisanal, experimental soul is combined with outstanding quality and consistency in production.


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