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Air-dried Ham, Coppa & Lomo

It’s about time, air dried ham is. Nothing in the charcuterie playbook takes longer to turn from basic ingredients to the majestic centrepiece of a charcuterie board or a festive table. The texture and flavour of dry aged ham is magic, and it takes more than a year to get there. In jamon Iberico and prosciutto, the continent provides... Read More

Classic Lomo

Air-Dried Pork Loin


Air-Dried Ham

Like a Parma Ham


Classic Coppa

Cured Pork Shoulder


Gin Cocktail Aperitif Selection


Coppa & Sparkling Cider Pair


Lomo & Sparkling Wine Pair


The Bray Way

Bray Cured air dried ham is a work in progress. The best English air dried ham has aged for a year or two, and as such, ours remains under lock and key. Once it’s ready, you can expect magic texture, depth of flavour and a whole lot of love sliced up ever so fine.

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