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how to look after your meat label;

As a Peruvian bear to Paddington Station, so to you in your abode, this fine British charcuterie will come. Here’s a guide to taking care of it, so you can enjoy it at its best. Rest assured, if you ignore this information, at least it won’t fling marmalade all over your house.

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Does the cured meat need to be refrigerated?

No, unless it specifically says as much on the product label. It will be fine in a cool, dry place, though it needs to be refrigerated after opening.


My delivery didn't arrive chilled/was left out for a few days. Is that OK?

That's fine, as the meat is able to be stored in ambient conditions. 


How long in the fridge after opening?

For sliced packs, up to five days, wrapped as tightly as you can. For whole salamis, more like ten days. If anything dries out too much, try cooking it.


My salami dried out in the fridge. What can I do?

Cook it. If you left it a few days too long and it dried or oxidised a little, it will still be delicious cooked. Sliced or diced salami will fry well, chunks will stew.


Has the vacuum blown?

No, it hasn’t. It’s a loose vacuum designed not to crush the slices of meat. The vacuum is completed by an oxygen absorber behind the gold board. If that sachet is missing, or the seal at the bottom of the packet is obviously incomplete or broken, then discard the pack and get in touch.


What‘s the best serving temperature?

Room temperature, with the metaphorical juices starting to flow.


How should I separate the slices?

This can be trickier with salami sometimes, and if you’re having trouble, first get the product to room temperature, then use a thin bladed paring or filleting knife to ease the slices apart - a chef’s knife is too thick for this job normally.


I still have questions. Can you help?

Sure! Pop an email to hello@braycured.com and we'll be happy to help.

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