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British Bresaola

You know what the trouble is with writing product content for Bray Cured? It’s that every time I start a new category, I remember that this one might be my favourite, but I’ve already said that for loads of categories. I end up sounding like Bruce Forsyth.

Really though, bresaola might be my favourite. Finely sliced cured beef,... Read More

Hogget Bresaola

Lamb in a Flower Meadow Cure


Cacao-Spiced Venison Bresaola

Cacao Nib Cure


Valentine's Day

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Whole Cured Venison Loin

Cacao Nib Cure


Classic Bresaola

Air-dried, British Cured Beef


The Bray Way

We put together a range of bresaola, where we vary both the flavour and the texture. The flavours we mix up to keep things interesting and seasonal, but the texture is a deliberate attempt to create two quite different products. Classic bresaola, even in the context of air-dried meat, it’s relatively dry. The extra drying concentrates the savoury, beef bresaola flavour. We also, though, prepare a bresaola which is more moist. This one is still a cured and dried meat, but the softer texture works perfectly in recipes calling for a good hit of beef, that’s really tender and finely sliced. While a traditional carpaccio is raw (and we love it), a bresaola carpaccio from our Bray Cured bresaola is a different, and also very lovely thing.


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