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Welcome to Bray Cured online

by Alex Mugan on August 08, 2021

It's only taken about a decade. A decade of experimenting with British cured meats, making things for friends, family and parties. A decade of not quite getting to this because work got in the way. Well, now we're here, finally turning a passion into products we can share with everyone.

I'm completely delighted to be sharing Bray Cured with you now. If you're reading this blog, I guess you're interested in your food, charcuterie and artisan producers, so let me tell you what we're all about.

We're about doing what we love, which means sharing products we think people will really love. We exist, first and foremost, to share great tastes and great food experiences, based on cured meat.

We're about creating British products. I adore continental cured meats, and their traditions are amazing. But we have exceptional meat produce in the UK, and we do have the conditions to cure meat well, so with our already blossomed and further blossoming food scene, we should establish our own great charcuterie traditions. This is happening, as you can see in the huge number of great producers across the country, and we want to play a part in that.

We're about new flavours and combinations. I love to create in the kitchen, using a bit of feel to put things together. That comes across in our cured meat, but with more precision, and we aim to keep bringing out different and surprising ideas. Not so much to begin with, while we get things moving, but increasingly as we connect with more people.

We're about eating the cured meat. In the end, it all goes on the table, and that means it has to taste great, of course, but also tat it needs to combine with dishes, ingredients and occasions. We spend a lot of time on the recipes our cured meats can be used in, as well as what to drink with them and thoughts on how to enjoy them.

Mostly, now we're here and welcoming you to Bray Cured online, we're really pleased to be doing this, we hope you try our cured meats, and that you get as much pleasure out of eating them as we do making them.

Good eating to you.  

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