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Great Taste Award-Winning Charcuterie

Less than two years after starting Bray Cured, we now have ELEVEN Great Taste Awarded products! Here are our award winners.

Classic Coppa

Cured Pork Shoulder



Air-dried Streaky Bacon


Classic Lomo

Air-Dried Pork Loin


Hogget Bresaola

Lamb in a Flower Meadow Cure


Wild Garlic Salami

Pork & Woodland Herbs


Berkshire Salami

Rich Pork & Local Cheese


Classic Bresaola

Air-dried, British Cured Beef


Venison Old Fashioned Salami

Just like the Cocktail


Cacao-Spiced Venison Bresaola

Cacao Nib Cure


Rolled Pancetta Joint

Air-dried Streaky Bacon Unsliced


Burns Night Hogget Charcuterie Pack


Valentine's Day

The Loving Board


Whole Cured Venison Loin

Cacao Nib Cure

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