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We're a small family company and we make everything in our own curing workshop in lovingly handmade short-run batches. Our meats are in high demand and each batch sells out quickly once it's ready. Here's what we've got in stock right now.

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Classic Lomo

Air-Dried Pork Loin


Design Your Own Pancetta

Gift Experience


Meat Curing Course

Make Your Own Charcuterie


Letterbox Cured Meat Subscription


Classic Bresaola

Air-dried, British Cured Beef


Pancetta Brown Sauce


Favourites Board


Spreadable salami

Extra Mild 'Nduja



Air-dried Streaky Bacon



Soft Spicy Salami


Flower Meadow Merguez Salami

Hogget (Lamb)


Classic Coppa

Cured Pork Shoulder


Bresaola Affumicata

Air-dried, Oak Smoked Beef


Hogget Bresaola

Lamb in a Flower Meadow Cure


Cacao-Spiced Venison Bresaola

Cacao Nib Cure

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