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British Salami

Baby, this is what you came for. The pinnacle of the curing craft, salami combines creativity and craft, time-honoured techniques and time for each salami to mature, for its flavours to develop. With multiple styles and varieties to explore, salami offers a winding road of delicious discovery. Whether you’re looking for whole or sliced salami, our British made salami will... Read More

Fennel Salami

A Classic, made British


Berkshire Salami

Rich Pork & Local Cheese


Wild Garlic Salami

Pork & Woodland Herbs


Unsliced Fennel Salami

Cut at Home, A Classic, made British


Flower Meadow Merguez Salami

Hogget (Lamb)


Venison Old Fashioned Salami

Just like the Cocktail


Negroni Aperitif Hamper


The Bray Cured Charcuterie Experience

For 6 People


The Charcutier's Weekly Meat Box


Bray Cured Meateors


The Charcutier's Monthly Meat Box


Margarita Aperitif Hamper


Gin Aperitif Hamper


Old Fashioned Aperitif Hamper


Espresso Martini Aperitif Hamper


The Bray Way

From practical food across Europe, to salami online in Britain, some things have changed, a lot has stayed the same. At Bray Cured we start with exceptional rare breed British pork, mix in organic spices and delicious wine we’d be only too happy to drink on its own. In our specially constructed curing chambers, we carefully control the fermentation and drying processes to achieve the perfect texture and flavour for each beautiful British made salami.

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