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If Top of the Pops still existed, and was a programme about cured meat, then not only would Catatonia’s Road Rage include the line “chorizo over the front page”, but also chorizo would be there or thereabouts at the top of the charts every Friday. We have taken to chorizo in the UK like almost nothing else, and you... Read More

Hogget Chorizo Sliced

Savoury, Spicy Lamb


Chorizo & Salami Course

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British Chorizo

Sliced Spicy Pork Salami


Charcuterie Making Courses

e-Gift Cards for Duck, Chorizo and Sausage Courses


Unsliced Hogget Chorizo Salami

Cut at Home, Savoury, Spicy Lamb


Unsliced British Chorizo

Cut at Home, Spicy Salami


Sausage Time

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The Sausage Making Course

Book a Date


Charcuterie and Golf Course

e-Gift Cards for Charcuterie & Golf Course


Unsliced Wild Garlic Salami

Cut at Home, Classic Salami


The Bray Way

The great thing about artisan chorizo is that you can approach it in different ways. Bray Cured does this to create a range of online chorizo which you can use for cooking, slicing, making a chorizo face on a plate, you name it. The world’s your oyster, in fact, put some on an oyster.

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