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Flower Meadow Merguez Salami - Hogget (Lamb)
Flower Meadow Merguez Salami - Hogget (Lamb)
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Flower Meadow Merguez Salami

Hogget (Lamb)

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Grazed sustainably on flower meadows near Marlow, our hogget is as local as could be. The meat is infused with the delicate flavours of the herbs the sheep graze, which we reflect in the herbs used in our flower meadow cure. Blended with the traditional warm, spicy lamb sausage flavours of Merguez from the Middle East.

What's hogget? Whereas lambs are under a year old, hoggets are sheep that are between 1 and 2. The meat has more flavour than lamb without the toughness of mutton. 


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