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Cacao-Spiced Venison Bresaola - Cacao Nib Cure
Cacao-Spiced Venison Bresaola - Cacao Nib Cure
Cacao-Spiced Venison Bresaola - Cacao Nib Cure
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Cacao-Spiced Venison Bresaola

Cacao Nib Cure

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Inspired by the flavours of the fantastic Indian restaurants of Marlow, sustainably-soured wild venison is paired with warm spiced and rich cacao-nibs.

Great Taste Award-Winning

Judges' comments:

"Beautifully slim and evenly coloured slices, nicely scented. The flavour yield is immediate and intense, backed up by ample moisture. The gentle pepper on the finish is well measured, and adds a finishing touch of warmth - it's also saliva-inducing, and has us reaching for another slice. A second slice does not disappoint, still with sufficient nuance and interest of flavour to please the palate. Really well achieved, we feel".

"These slices of bresaola have a deep red-purple hue and smell intensely of meat with hints of forest floor. It falls apart on the palate releasing flavours of venison, nutty almost mushroom notes. It melts well on the tongue releasing the rich venison flavours".

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