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Pancetta - Air-dried Streaky Bacon
Pancetta - Air-dried Streaky Bacon
Pancetta - Air-dried Streaky Bacon
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Air-dried Streaky Bacon

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The little black dress of cured meat, air-dried bacon is a classic that goes with everything and works for all occasions. Made in the style of Italian pancetta, with a couple of our own special ingredients added, air-dried bacon is first cured, then smoked over oak. The next step is what divides bacon as we know it from pancetta. A good few weeks of hang time gives additional, inimitable depth of flavour.

Our sliced air-dried streaky bacon is often rolled before curing, depending on the size of the cut we're using. If it's been rolled, you'll receive round rashers, as shown in this photo. You'll be able to stretch these out into straight rashers before cooking if you wish or keep them round and pop them straight in a sandwich when cooked.

Cooking tip: Air-dried pancetta contains a lot less water than normal bacon, and it's thinly cut, so it'll cook much quicker than you're used to - keep a close eye on it!

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Per person, allow 50-60g for a board or 30g when adding to a salad or pasta.

Tasting notes
Richness from the bacon fat and maple syrup, complicated porkyness from the aging process. Eats well as a cured meat on its own, or placed on top of hot toast, but equally at home as the star of a sauce.
Wine match
Depends on the context, this one. Is the pancetta in a tomato sauce? Or a carbonara? Let's say you're covered if you look up the dish as a whole in those cases, and imagine we're matching for the pancetta on its own. Salt, smoke, fattiness, meatiness, little bit of sweet. We'd suggest chardonnay from somewhere, including fizz even. Pancetta bacon sandwiches with champagne. Why not?


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