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Classic Bresaola - Air-dried, British Cured Beef
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Classic Bresaola

Air-dried, British Cured Beef

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Wafer thin slices of fresh, light textured beef, air-dried for several weeks to create the perfect flavour. Using heritage breed Longhorn cattle, the beef that made Britain's roasts famous. A great cured meat to make a meal of, as a starter, lunch or canapé with rocket, capers, horseradish, parmesan or a multitude of other flavours. For the purists, enjoy it as it comes, with wine.

The photo shows a 60g pack.

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Much as I love a steak, when you combine the meaty flavour of beef with the lightness of a tartare or a carpaccio, that for me is something really tough to beat. Air-dried beef gives you a similar hit, turning the tougher (but truly delicious) topside into a melt-in-the-mouth morsel. We're thinking about plates of thin-sliced beef, garnished with rocket and hard cheese, or pickles, capers, mustard and shallots, when we start our air-dried beef/bresaola off.

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Per person, allow 50-60g for a board or 30g when adding to a salad or pasta.

Tasting notes
Beautiful colouring, from rosy to ruby across each slice. Above all a fresh, beefy flavour. Not too heavy and with no fat to speak of. Strong hints of black pepper and red wine from the cure.
Wine match
Ultra versatile, from a wine point of view. A white with body, like a white burgundy, rose, fizz and lighter reds work well. My favourite partner is pinot noir, which I also prefer with rare fillet steak. Fresh beef flavour, light fresh red. Done.
British Longhorn heritage beef, Red wine (Sulphites), Salt, Black pepper, Dextrose, White pepper, Preservatives (E251, E250).
Contains sulphites. Produced in a facility which processes nuts in the same space, on different production runs. Please consider this when making your selection to ensure the products are correct for you.


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