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Cured Hogget Loin
Cured Hogget Loin
Cured Hogget Loin
Cured Hogget Loin
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Cured Hogget Loin

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What would happen if you cured a canon (rack, taken off the bone) of lamb. This is what would happen, except this isn't lamb, this is hogget. Hogget is older than lamb, younger than mutton, and ours is lovely and local, from near Marlow.

It's a bit mega this, frankly. If we weren't such committed whole-carcass charcutiers, we might say to our farming friend "just the canons please, forever" and make a business out of curing hogget loin. And yet, committed whole-carcass charcutiers we are, so it's little bits of this magical cured loin as and when for you all, because that's the way it should be.

The taste? Oh, it's special. Quite lean, but very tender, the meat is claret coloured and slices beautifully with a sharp knife. Bring it to a salad, a grazing board or a little bowl filled with smoked almonds and you will not be disappointed. The taste of the flower meadow abides, with the natural flavour of the meat enhanced by just a little of what the animals are grazing, herbs like thyme and yarrow, in the cure.

Each portion, vacuum packed for freshness, is safely stored ambient, and once opened should be refrigerated and used within a week.

Packs are ~100g, at least 100g, but not exactly, because Oscar cut these as well as the pork fillet, and he's only so accurate with the knife.

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