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Spalla - Cured, Air-Dried Pork Shoulder
Spalla - Cured, Air-Dried Pork Shoulder
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Cured, Air-Dried Pork Shoulder

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Meet/meat our new spalla, a brilliant bit of charcuterie taken from pork shoulder, built on skilfull nose to tail butchery.


The Makers' Inspiration

Our Great Taste 2 Star Coppa is so sought after that there is never any around. Tasked with the problem, our Master Butcher David has fashioned this delicious alternative, using his skills as a whole-carcass butcher to sculpt this beautiful piece of charcuterie from next door to the coppa itself.


How We Make It

Brand new, made to the same recipe and benefitting from the same balance of internal fat and delicious pork shoulder meat, this Spalla (shoulder) is a thing of beauty. We take this special, little cut of pork shoulder and cure it in just enough salt, before ageing until it reaches textural perfection, then thinly slicing.


Tasting Notes

A fantastic, ham type charcuterie, it's meaty, savoury and made creamy by the fat content which runs through the cross-section of the slice. Great on a board, sandwich, a pizza or as a canape ingredient. 


Founder's Take

"This is what nose to tail is all about. If you make coppa from pre-butchered meat, you just don't get this. It's why we're in charcuterie, to make amazing food from the whole of fantastic British produce, with no corners cut. Get some before it goes to next year's Great Taste Awards and becomes as impossible to obtain as its more famous sibling."

British Heritage Breed Pork, Salt, British Red Wine (Sulphites), Black Pepper, Thyme, Garlic, Fennel Seeds, Dextrose, Chili, E250
Cured in a factory where sulphites and milk are handled and controlled. Please get in touch if you have any questions.
Beer match

Sitting between lomo and coppa on the cured meat scale, it makes sense that Spalla is seeking something between the session ales we recommend for lomo, and the IPA we prefer for coppa. Enter Rebellion's Hazy Pale, with a hoppy character and citrus notes that combine perfectly with this well-flavoured ham.

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