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Unsliced British Chorizo - Cut at Home, Spicy Salami
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Unsliced British Chorizo

Cut at Home, Spicy Salami

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The unsliced version of our esteemed British Chorizo, for the times you want to show off your slicing, present a fantastic centrepiece, or dice for a bit of gourmet charcuterie cheffing.


The Makers' Inspiration

Founder Alex first crafted chorizo in a wine fridge during his paternity leave. This act of neglect has never been forgotten, but the chorizo turned out to be excellent.


How We Make It

Coarsely ground pork, butchered nose to tail, is mixed with creamy back fat and cured with spices, centring on the essential smoked paprika. It's matured for months to intensify the flavour, then sliced for the grazing board, or the kitchen.


Tasting Notes

Warmly spiced but never too hot, and peppery without being harsh, this delicious British chorizo is perfect for grazing, wrapping around cheese for rollitos, topping pizzas, or frying with vegetables.


Founder's Take

"I can only apologise so many times for making this chorizo during my paternity leave. Let's just hope it becomes an international best seller."


Unsliced chorizo, fresh from air-drying, delivered as a whole or half sausage, ready to cut at home. A stunning centrepiece for any spread.

Whole sausage is pictured.

Contains sulphites. Cured in a factory which handles milk.
Beer match

Smoked paprika and chilli, a combination that's perfect with Rebellion's Overthrow or Blonde, both refreshing and cooling beers which are a delicious partner for the meat.

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