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12 of the best 'nduja pizza recipes around

by Alex Mugan on July 31, 2021
I’m taking a guess here that you’re pretty clued up on the ingredients of a pizza. And I’m not guessing at all when I say that there are many, many people better qualified to talk about perfecting pizza dough (which, let’s be fair, is about 80% of the battle when it comes to making great pizza). So, I think the best thing I can do, when it comes to ‘nduja pizza, is signpost the best looking recipes we’ve seen around and about, in the hopes of helping unite your perfect ‘nduja sausage with suitable partners.

Without further ‘ndu, here are our top ‘nduja sausage pizza recipes.

The ones that keep it simple

These are pretty much dough, tomato, mozzarella, ‘nduja and basil, and beautiful for it. Sometimes when you put less energy into making the food, you have more left to enjoy it. So a quick, classic, simple recipe like the ones here, which you can enjoy inside or outside with a glass of sangiovese, are perfect for when you want to focus on the time you’re spending with the people you’re eating with, rather than the pots and pans.




The sausage squared options

What’s better than ‘nduja sausage pizza? ‘Nduja sausage pizza with more sausage, of course. Well, that’s the philosophy here anyway. ‘Nduja disintegrates because it has a high fat content, and for some people, that leaves them craving a bit more texture. For those people, the double chilli hit of a Calabrian sausage, or the classic herby Italian-ness of fennel sausage, are great go-to additions.


The ones that use interesting cheese

Chilli and cheese, a beloved combination from kebab shops, to Burger King, to deli counters and beyond. Where the heat of chilli meets the richness of the cheese, offering richness for astringency and soothing the burn. As well as spicy, ‘nduja is porky, and so a range of interesting cheeses is opened up, from goat or sheep cheeses to bring some sour cut through, or blues to dial up the richness.

I don’t think we’ve found a recipe with it featuring, but if you can get hold of scamorza, put that melty, smoky rascal on your ‘nduja pizza and be blown away.


The ones that bring on the veg

Another famous chilli lover is broccoli, or the elusive cima di rape. A range of broccoli and sausage combos succeed, on tomato bases and white pizzas too. If you’ve read Nikki Segnit’s flavour thesaurus, where flavours are grouped together as a guide, you’ll be familiar with ‘the sulphurous flavours’, the cabbages, broccolis, kales, cavolo neros and so on. They all equally love spice, and could be subbed into these recipes. Sharing a little with them, but with a flavour all its own, fennel features here too. Sometimes, of course, a pizza has to be purely pepperoni, but it does feel good when you manage to get your 5 a day in one too.


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