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What is 'nduja & how do you use it?

by Katherine Mugan on March 06, 2022

'Nduja sausage is a food phenomenon, taking off all over the world on the rocket fuel of its spicy flavour, spreadable texture and culinary versatility.

It’s one of those foods where the first taste amazes you. The fermented flavour of Calabrian chilli has something of the tabasco sauce about it, but married to a meaty, rich pork flavour. Spicy 'nduja is the charcuterie in vogue, so hot right now.

'Nduja di spilinga, 'nduja calabrese or just 'nduja sausage?

Well, from one point of view they are the same thing. Spilinga is the home of 'nduja, a little commune in Italy famous for producing 'nduja sausage. Spilinga itself is in Calabria, and it’s the special calabrian chillies which typically go into 'nduja. So, the classic 'nduja is both di Spilinga and calabrese. Of course, with 'nduja’s popularity exploding globally, there are now versions far and wide, such as our own 'Nduja Wanna? Where to buy 'nduja? You can get hold of 'nduja in jars or slices, normally, also mixed into other products. We offer a few varieties ourselves at Bray Cured.

Is 'nduja sobrasada?

Absolutely not. 'Nduja and sobrasada are similar products in terms of texture, but their heritage and flavour profiles are different, with 'nduja hailing from Italy, and sobrasada from the Balearics.

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