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British Lomo

Lionel Richie’s favourite cured meat. Is it really? Well, you decide: “I’ve been alone with you inside my mind, And in my dreams you’ve passed my lips, a thousand times I sometimes see you behind my fridge door, Lomo, is it me you’re looking for?" Conclusive, we’d say.

But just because Lionel’s a fan, why should you be? Well, Lomo... Read More

Classic Lomo

Air-Dried Pork Loin


Cured Pork Fillet


Hinton Brut & Trio of British Charcuterie Hamper


Hinton Brut & Wild Garlic Salami Charcuterie Hamper


The Bray Way

Simply cured, with spices and herbs that highlight, rather than dominate, the flavour of the meat, lomo will be ready in more like a month. Given its textural similarity to cured ham, which takes more than a year to age, this relatively quick production time makes lomo a bit of a must-have.

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