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Cured British Pork Charcuterie

Pork is the cornerstone of charcuterie production. The list of pork salumi and charcuterie is the who’s who of cured meats. While beef, lamb, goat, duck and venison have their greats, pork is the runaway leader when it comes to both the volume of charcuterie products and the fame... Read More

Design Your Own Pancetta

Air-Dried Streaky Bacon


Spreadable salami

Extra Mild 'Nduja


Berkshire Salami

Rich Pork & Local Cheese


Classic Lomo

Air-Dried Pork Loin



Soft Spicy Salami


Design Your Own Pancetta

Gift Experience


Fennel Salami


Classic Coppa

Cured Pork Shoulder



Air-dried Streaky Bacon


The Bray Way

Bray Cured has a wide range of pork charcuterie, from salami to air dried ham, and everything in between. All of our pork charcuterie is handcrafted here in Bray to give you magical food experiences from the home of British gastronomy.


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